Drink Ketone Challenge


KETO//OS NAT® is the ONLY exogenous ketone in the WORLD created through a process of natural fermentation. These Pure Therapeutic Ketones® are MØRE bio-identical to the natural ketones our bodies produce.


Drink when you first wake in the morning to jump-start your day with energy and focus, 20-30 min before a meal for added satiation and glucose control, or pre-workout for an EPIK energy boost!


  • Elevates mental clarity & focus†

  • Increases & sustains energy†

  • Balances digestion, hormones, & metabolism†

  • Boosts body’s natural ketone production†

  • Supports fat loss†


  • Sparkling Ketones: Mix your KETO//OS NAT® with your favorite flavor of sparkling water and ice for a tall glass of crisp, refreshing, and delicious ketones.

  • Sweet Treat: Shake up any dessert inspired flavors of KETO//OS NAT® with a base of almond or cashew milk to satisfy your craving for something sweet.

For use and distribution in the US only.

These products are not a medical treatment, medicine, or weight loss supplement. *Must be consumed with SIGNAL//OS™ for DNA repair and other therapeutic benefits associated with C-Med 100®.

C-Med 100® is a Registered Trademark of Prüvit. Protected by U.S. Patent Nos: 6,964,784; 7,579,023; 7,595,064; 7,955,626; 7,947,312; 8,372,449; And 8,372,448

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.