Jodi Scheibe//INSPIRES ON!

"They tell you when you are a little girl you can't have it all. Something has to give. You can't be the best mom and you can't be the best mom boss. But I am telling you, I am. I had my first drink. i felt like a lightbulb turned on in my body. I felt alive again. I felt inspired again. And I wanted to share it with everyone I knew. I feel like I am finally able to live the life God designed me to live. To achieve at high levels and still be the mom that i have always wanted to be. I never imagined life could be this good." My name is Jodi Scheibe and I INSPIRE ON! Do you know someone who could benefit from this? Our mission is to pursue BETTER and inspire you to find YOUR own version of BETTER! How will your story inspire on!? Want MORE? Check out our website: